Michael Allen Malpass was born to be an artist. Whether he chose to follow his calling, or could not help but choose, matters little. That he did so, and in an in an all-consuming way, is what made his life and art extraordinary. His relentless pursuit, his belief in the process of working, making art in virtually every moment, can only explain how a young artist could create such a large body of fine work in such a short time. It compels us to wonder if Michael Malpass sensed the limitation of his time.

Malpass experimented with multiple visual media to find his way as an artist, leaving behind an expansive record of creative development. As he came of age, it was the manipulation of metal shapes, extracted from the earth, manufactured by unknown persons for any number of purposes, and left behind for salvage, that caught Michael's imagination. Passion for transforming metal shapes into beautiful objects led him to hone welding and traditional blacksmithing techniques required to exert his will over steel, bronze, copper, brass, or any combination of metals that he could find with intent to purge the industrial life out of them. Freed, revitalized, time to become art.

Malpass was among the most creative and prolific artists of his generation. 


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